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Product information

Tax Identity Solution

Tax Identity Solution automates the solicitation, renewal and validation of electronic IRS Forms W-8 series and W-9.  The solution is designed to obtain tax identity information from various payee types, including merchants, licensors, developers, publishers, authors, Agency, vendors, interest and dividend recipients, service related income, and other miscellaneous reportable income (collectively, the clients payees). This in turn reduces delays, cost and risk of errors as well as ensuring clients comply with their Withholding Agent obligations.

Our Tax Identity self service helps your customer complete W8 series or W9 IRS forms online or via our self service interview in five easy steps. Your customer:

  1. enters your company's account page or obtains a personalized url to start the interview.

  2. is assisted to choose the correct version of the W8 series or W9 form.

  3. is guided step by step through the online interview.

  4. has their tax identification number and data validated, in real time.

  5. completes a valid tax form.


Tax Identity Self-service

  • Turbo Tax™ style interview for the completion and validation of W8 series and W9 IRS forms 

  • Error checking to assist payee with completion of forms

  • Electronic consent for Forms delivery and E-signature ACT

  • Real time Address validation, deceased and denied persons (OFAC) lists, IRS TIN matching.

  • Foreign Tax Identification algorithms for all treaty countries to ensure valid treaty / reduced tax withholding claims

  • Triggers within registration / account maintenance pipelines for Change of Circumstance event handling

  • Foreign language support 

  • Contextual and field user assistance and complete IRS W8 and W9 and publication 515 instructions

  • Aggregation and production services for information return form 1099 series / 1042

Back-office administration

  • Queue and Cure procedures for additional documentation requests

  • Automated and manual notifications to your users for resolving tax matters

  • Paper forms entry mode for documents received via mail

  • File attachments to individual records supporting identity claim

  • Role-based security

  • Extensive Reporting, additional filters to refine search 

  • Export function for further data analysis

  • Status tracking and change monitoring

  • Audit trail

Product demonstration

If you would like to review a working demonstration of our tax identity self service, please contact us at