Tax Identity Solution

Managing your company's risk exposure for tax withholding and information reporting penalties starts with how you manage the tax identification process with your payees. Tax identification of your payees requires rules-based processes that ensure that you have obtained the relevant information that can be validated against the Internal Revenue Service's W8 and W9 series documentation.

At Lilaham Inc., our Tax IdentityTM W8 and W9 series solution provides applications for both your payee and back-office staff that will enable them to validate tax identity information. For your payees, tax identity information can be provided via a number of channels that include:

  1. Extranet secure login that initiates an interview process for data entry and validation.

  2. Downloadable Tax Identity TMapplication from the leading app stores such as Amazon Appstore, iTunes, and Android Marketplace, that provides an interview data collection process for your payees that can be uploaded directly to the Tax identity TM Back-office module or printed and mailed for processing.

  3. Mailing a completed W8 or W9 series form that can be entered into the Tax identity TM Back-office module.

Our Tax IdentityTMSolutions meet the requirements of IRS Publication 515. Our professionals at Lilaham Inc. can provide assistance in obtaining a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the IRS that will provide additional certainty for your tax identification procedures when dealing with U.S. and foreign person FDAP income.

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